Our Strategy


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We believe that the following three policies are realistic goals that will fix some of the shortfalls of the US healthcare system:

  • Expand Medicaid. While millions have been covered under the ACA’s Medicaid expansion, there are still several holdout states preventing millions more from getting covered. Read more here.
  • Create Medicare Buy-In. Medicare is the most cost-efficient insurance available in the US and has some of the highest patient satisfaction rates. Shouldn’t we all have access? Read more here.
  • Pass Medicare-for-All. Let’s join the rest of the developed world and ensure all of our citizens are covered. Read more here.

How Will We Accomplish this?

Americans for Affordable Healthcare aims to advance these policies through a few key activities:

  • Stoking grassroots energy. We want to create a national network of healthcare experts to advance these policies. See how to get involved here.
  • Changing public opinion. We aim to change how people view the expansion of Medicaid and Medicare. One of the most powerful ways to do this is through personal stories. If you’re interested in sharing yours, please see here.
  • Building a national network of allied organizations. This is a huge fight, so we want to organize allies to coordinate the push for Medicaid expansion and Medicare-for-All. See more here.